Winemaking is an art.
Cantine Gulino’s wines sublimate the intense scents of Sicily and the wine tradition of this island. As Esiodo said in Opere e i Giorni, «it is a great art by the winemaker who, with patience, effort and love must know how to wait for the sweet buds to grow, to tie the vines, that the grapes be back and to then draw the perfumed wine».

And then Virgil, centuries later, while invoking Bacchus in the second book of Georgiche, recalled how exhausting is the job of the winemaker: to collect the grapes, fruit of the vine and give life to the precious nectar, he must know how to choose the most suitable land for each grape variety and which plants grow near the vines.

The 80,000 bottles that are produced by Cantine Gulino every year are the result of a family tradition that has been perpetuated through generations, of the hard work in the vineyards and of the constant refinement of winemaking techniques with vine cultivation with espalier and spurred cordon.

The white wines: white grapes winemaking

The white wine making system provides the handpicking of the grapes when they reach full maturation:this occurs on the third decade of August. The bunches lay in boxes of ten kilograms each; then, the grapes are transported to the cellar for the destalking (the separation of the grapes from the stems) and the pressing (the extraction of the juice by pressing the grapes in order to also separate the seeds and the skins). The next phase is the maceration in stainless steel, at a temperature of 16 ° C. The bottling period is in January. The aging takes place in stainless steel vats and then in the bottles for about three months.

The redwines: red grapes winemaking

The red wine making system happens to be quite the same. The difference is that the first step of destalking, pressing and maceration is followed by a step of soft pressing and fermentation in stainless steel at a temperature of 25° C. The red grapes are picked between the second and the third week of September and the wine is then aged in stainless steel or tonneau for up to 12 months (if the purpose is to obtain a dry red), followed by six months in the bottle for an optimal aging.

Wine-making of sweetwines

The vinification of sweet wines is slightly different. The harvest period falls in the first half of September, with the clusters overripen still attached to the plant, or last week of August, with the overripeness carried on reedmats. The grapes are then transported in boxes of 10 kg and brought to the cellar in the shortest possible time. Then the destalking, maceration and soft pressing take place.

The wine company Cantine Gulino produces eight wines:

  • White wines
  • Red wines
  • Sweet wines
  • Sparkling wines