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A sweet breeze from the sea ruffles your hair.

Immediately, the pungent smell of the earth tickles your nose. You lose yourself in the vineyards, in the infinite embrace of the cobalt blue sky. We are in Sicily, the sunniest region in Europe. The Syracuse plateau of the Iblei Mountains slopes gently down to the Ionian coast.

This is the land of the vines that wind their way through the pastures, olive groves and dry stone walls. The land of ancient grape varieties, such as those we have been cultivating since 1793 in the vineyards of our historic winery, one of the oldest in Sicily: the aristocratic Albanello siracusano, the noble Moscato di Siracusa, the royal Calavrisi (Nero d’Avola), unique expressions of the biodiversity of our territory, which we cherish, protect and improve every day, respecting nature, its life cycle and its laws.

The ancient art of winemaking is in our blood: we have been winemakers for generations. Our ancestors, centuries ago, sold wine in the family shop, among the intricate alleys of the historic center of Ortigia, where the artisan activities were bustling near the port. An adventure that continued at the end of the 1700’s with the purchase of land cultivated with vineyards in Contrada Fanusa: among the Moscato vineyards, there was a farmhouse with the ancient press of the architect Pompeo Picherali, where our story continues today.

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The earth is measured in palms, and from one palm to the next,
the earth can be totally different.

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Cantine Gulino, generations of winemakers

It all starts from this land, a place of the soul in southeastern Sicily.

From these generous soils in which the vines sink their roots, which protect the bare shoots during the winter and nourish their fruit when spring arrives. From this unique terroir, which gives shape, character and structure to our wines and pours into each glass fragments of the history, traditions and culture of this territory, where diversity is heritage, resource and wealth.


Located in southeastern Sicily, Cantine Gulino is one of the oldest wineries in Italy.

In the vineyards of our winery, we cultivate ancient, historical and indigenous grape varieties. Our wines owe everything to the place where they are born, to the terroir, which is so special that it determines their typicality, enhances their diversity and gives them those distinctive material and immaterial characteristics that make each wine a unique, lively, authentic and unforgettable experience. Every bottle and every glass that we offer to our guests contains the ancient soul of this land. Our wines are a testament to the experience and skill we have honed over time, focusing on tradition while embracing the challenges of the present. They embody a “small world” of place, history, people and traditions.


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We call them “Chalices of History”. This is how we want you to experience them. A journey through history, weaving between myth and legend, an adventure between past and present, an immersive, timeless experience that captures the richness of flavors and aromas that make our land so special. Our carefully crafted, authentic wines contain centuries of history and tradition, the lives of peoples and cultures that have met, mixed and intertwined over time, creating a layering of stories, knowledge and understanding. These delicious drops of history, culture and tradition nourish the soil in which the roots of our vines grow. They fill the air our leaves breathe and guide our hands in the daily work of the vineyard and cellar. In our glasses of history, ancient wisdom becomes wine, a story to live, knowledge to explore, and unique places to discover.

Chalices of History


Each bottle of our wines is the fruit of long work.
The care of the vines in every season, in hot and cold weather, to ensure the luxuriance of the vineyards.
The knowledge of the territory to find in the glasses the history of these places, the memories of the past revived by the special blend of smells and tastes that are our wines.
It’s a synthesis of experience and skills honed over time, with an eye to the tradition to be enhanced and ready to take on the challenges of the present.
It’s a small world made up of places, history, people and traditions.

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Di vino e altre storie


Vi raccontiamo i nostri vini, i vitigni autoctoni della nostra terra, l’enogastronomia tipica, la nostra storia.

Cantine siciliane vitigni storici siracusani - Cantine Gulino

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