Our wines, a synthesis of flavors and aromas of our beautiful land of Sicily, enchant enthusiasts and curious travelers with the story of the territory, its history and traditions.

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A wonderful diversity, a unique terroir, a landscape of millennial layers. The diversity and richness of the Syracuse terroir are encapsulated and concentrated in our Goblets of History: are you ready to be conquered and discover the small world enclosed in each sip?

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Our Sicilian white wines

They dance among the senses, enveloping the soul in a gentle caress of scents and flavors: our white wines are a journey through Sicily, where the sun and the soil shape the personality of each bottle.

  • Vino bianco Inzolia Fania
    White wines

    Dry white wine Fania

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  • Vino bianco Chardonnay Akram
    White wines

    Chardonnay wine Akram

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  • Vino bianco Moscato Eileos
    White wines

    Dry white wine Eileos

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  • Vino Albanello di Siracusa Pretiosa
    White wines

    White wine Pretiosa

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The characteristic Moscato di Siracusa, here as a dry white wine. The unmistakable Chardonnay, nourished by the earth and the sun, a world of fruity and floral aromas, with a hint of vanilla that makes every sip a unique experience. Inzolia, the freshness of an island in a glass, where citrus and floral notes come together in perfect harmony. And for those who dare, we recommend the discovery of our hidden treasure, Albanello. The result of careful research and the enhancement of a rare grape variety typical of the Syracuse area, it is an ancient, refined, aristocratic and elegant wine, strictly vinified in purity. Every sip is an unforgettable experience, where the floral and fruity aromas combine with a light spicy note, creating a bouquet of flavors that envelops the soul and the spirit.

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Our Sicilian Sweet Wines

They evoke a golden age when sweet wines were, as Homer said, the “pearls” of antiquity. Sweet and never cloying, a caress on the palate that leaves an unforgettable aftertaste. Meditation wines, intense, fragrant and interesting, capable of stimulating the soul and the mind. These are the wines that invite us to a timeless experience, where each sip is a discovery of new aromatic profiles, scents and flavors. Moscato di Siracusa is a treasure rooted in antiquity. This prestigious and ancient vine, brought to Sicily by the Greeks who founded Syracuse in the 8th century B.C., gives us a sweet wine and a passito. Like a dream, it is an experience that takes us on a journey back in time to discover an ancient and fascinating world. A journey through the senses, where fruity and floral scents blend in a harmonious dance, giving us a tasting experience that will remain indelible in our memory.
  • Moscato passito Jaraya
    Sweet wines

    Raisin wine Jaraya

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  • Sweet wines

    Sweet wine Don Nuzzo

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Our Sicilian red wines

Robust tannins, soft tannins. They give our Sicilia red wines the unmistakable personality that makes them unique. The true star of our red wines is Nero d’Avola, the undisputed prince of Sicilian viticulture. From “calabrese” to a recognized historical vine, it has become the symbol of the Siracusa area, capable of producing wines of great quality: our Drus, Nero d’Avola in purity, aged for twelve months in French oak barrels, a wine that rises from the shadow of oblivion and is transformed into the light of excellence, offering a tasting experience that has no equal. If you are looking for an even more refined experience, then our Fanus is the right choice. A refined blend of Nero d’Avola and Syrah, capable of competing with the best Italian and foreign red wines, it will lead you to discover new worlds of scents and tastes. Nero d’Avola is like a dream come true, a sensory journey that leads us to discover new emotions. And we are proud to offer you this unforgettable experience that will make you fall in love with red wine as you never thought possible.
  • Vino rosso Syrah Fanus
  • Vino rosso Nero d'Avola Drus
    Best red wines

    Red wine Drus

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Our Sicilian rose wines

Although the territory of Siracusa was a land naturally suited to white and sweet wines, it also produced good rosé wines, “very clear and delicate, with just the right alcoholic content and frank taste”. They were easily sold in the markets of inland Sicily, intended for direct consumption, although they could also be the subject of “active export to foreign countries, since they are well made wines”.
  • Vino rosato Nero d’Avola Rosavì
  • Spumante rosé brut Nero d’Avola Maluk


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