The wines of Cantine Gulino are a unique mix of flavours
and scents from the fertile southeastern Sicily

Wine company of Siracusa, located in the prosperous lands of Contrada Fanusa, Cantine Gulino carries on, with commitment and dedication, the noble art of winemaking, a precious family heritage dating back to 1793.
Mario Soldati (writer, journalist as well as respected wine expert) said to have found, according to the game of briscola, «two loads, the ace and a three: Albanello and Moscato» so to describe the two main characters of the national and international wine reality.
Today, the wine company Cantine Gulino perpetuate in Siracusa the cultivation of native and historical vines such as Nero d’Avola, Albanello and the white Moscato.
Perfect expression of the area, of its cultural and gastronomic traditions as well as being safeguarded by up to eight different  labels (including DOC and IGP), Cantine Gulino drives  a production of excellence and quality rewarded throughout Italy as much as  abroad.


The benevolent sun that nourishes the earth, the fruitful vine that generously gives its fruit, the expertise in winemaking improved thorughout time, the results of an extensive knowledge passed through generations: every sip of Cantine Gulino’s wines is an experience for the senses and into history.


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Cantine Gulino of Siracusa are the perfect location
for tastings, lunches and dinners with typical dishes
and the best wines of the winery, events and business meetings.


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